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Premier LA & OC Content Pack-Out, Pack-Back, Inventory & Secure Storing Solutions

At Contents by Save The Day, powered by Save The Day Restoration, we specialize in comprehensive contents management and secure storage solutions, including our premier LA & OC Content Pack-Out services. Our IICRC-certified professionals are dedicated to protecting and preserving your belongings during the restoration process, ensuring a seamless transition for both residential and commercial clients in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Our Services

Contents by Save The Day Is Your Trusted Ally in Detailed Contents Management.

LA & OC Content Pack-Out, Stacked cardboard boxes with shipping labels inside a box truck, ready for transport.

Pack-Out Services

We offer expert handling and packing of your contents, ensuring their safety and security from the moment they leave your premises until they are returned.

LA & OC Content Pack-Out, Cardboard boxes with 'fragile' warning stickers placed near wooden stairs, indicating careful handling.

Pack-Back Services

Our team meticulously repacks and reinstalls your belongings, ensuring that every item is placed exactly as it was before.

LA & OC Content Pack-Out, Hand holding a clipboard with a 'Total Loss Inventory' checklist in a modern office.

Total Loss Inventory

We provide detailed documentation of your items, supporting you in the claims process and ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve.

LA & OC Content Pack-Out, A long corridor with numbered wooden storage doors, indicating total loss inventory management.

Secure Storing

Our state-of-the-art storage facility is equipped with secure pods, offering a safe haven for your belongings until they are ready to be returned to you.

Our Clients
Don’t just take our word for it
In the past when I have had work done, my entire house would be covered in dust. But these guys cover everything in plastic and clean as they go. Need to move your furniture and pack up your belongings so they can work on your floors? They got you! I cannot say enough about these guys. I will only be reaching to Save the Day Restoration for all of my reno needs in the future. And seeing that my house is over a 100 years old, this will def not be the last time I contact Frank and his team.
Christina C.
Frank only hires the best crew members. All trades are well represented, they are professionals, they are caring, and sincerely wanted us to be happy and satisfied with the results. Fifty-nine years of stuff and furniture was carefully wrapped, packed and cleared from the space. They cleaned up carefully after each days work. Unpacking was incredibly careful. Including hanging shelves, pictures, artwork, without a single item broken. We proudly recommend them to everyone.
Pamela O.
The crew has become like an extended family - being by my side for the long journey from the disastrous flooding of my home to its complete renovation. Chrissy monitoring the activities like the home was her own, Wyatt taking care of the thousand little details with invaluable advice along the way, Tony being a perfectionist at renovating, Jamie and Angela being the pack out stars, and Frank being extremely responsive when major issues arose. I trust Save The Day because they have earned my trust. Always with consideration and care that is in such short supply these days.
Jeffrey A.
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Contents By Save The Day

LA & OC Content Pack-Out Experts Handle Your Pack-Out & Secure Storage Solutions.